Ospitalità Diocesana

Where hospitality has a soul

Ospitalità Diocesana

Where hospitality has a Soul

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Monastero di San Giuseppe – Assisi

Monastero di San Giuseppe – Assisi

Via Sant’Apollinare, 1, 06081 Assisi PG, Italy

+39 075 803 82 82


The Monastery of San Giuseppe traces its presence in Assisi back to the distant 13th century when it was erected by connecting the church of St. Paul to that of St. Apollinare.

The Monastery of San Giuseppe welcomes its guests in single, double, and multiple rooms. All rooms, furnished with simplicity, feature en-suite facilities, a shower, and heating.

The restaurant offers simple and genuine cuisine, rich in dishes typical of the Umbrian tradition, all served in a bright and spacious dining room with an invaluable view of the city.

The beautiful and spacious San Giuseppe conference hall is at the service of its guests for meetings, seminars, courses, and moments of gathering and sharing.

Oasi del Sacro Cuore – Assisi

Oasi del Sacro Cuore – Assisi

Viale Vittorio Emanuele II, 5, 06081 Assisi PG, Italy

+39 075 803 82 82


The Sacred Heart Oasis was established in 1933 by Father Agostino Gemelli and Armida Barelli, founders of the Catholic University. The facility, nestled in greenery, is located just a short distance from San Damiano and the Basilica of Santa Chiara in Assisi.

Surrounded by a large park, it boasts 54 rooms, some with views of the city of Assisi and the plain of Santa Maria degli Angeli.

Guests can enjoy a bar, meeting rooms, a TV lounge, and disabled access. The facility also includes a spacious equipped meeting room and a chapel.

Villa Santa Tecla – Assisi

Villa Santa
Tecla – Assisi

Via Santa Tecla, 18, 06081 Assisi PG, Italy

+39 075 803 82 82


Set amidst 10 hectares of greenery, Villa Santa Tecla is the ideal facility for hosting families, groups, including the possibility of semi-self-management, activities, and gatherings of ecclesiastical movements, school camps, and spiritual exercises courses.

The modern and functional facility is built around the ancient Romanesque church dating back to around 1040, which today serves as the ‘Convitto,’ one of the two spacious dining halls the structure offers.

It features a conference hall equipped with 120 seats and two rooms for activities and meetings of groups and communities.

The spacious rooms are furnished with artisanal furniture from Assisi, providing comfort and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Domus Ecclesiae – Nocera Umbra

Domus Ecclesiae
– Nocera Umbra

Via San Rinaldo 8, Nocera Umbra (Perugia), Italy

+39 075 803 82 82


The Domus Ecclesiae structure is an eighteenth-century historical palace in the heart of Nocera Umbra. Belonging to the diocese, it was formerly the seat of the Episcopal Seminary, founded in 1565.

The facility includes spacious lounges, a theater, a conference hall, a refectory, an outdoor park, a chapel, and 40 rooms equipped with bathrooms, elevators, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

This location is ideal for hosting family groups, pastoral initiatives, school camps, pilgrimages to Franciscan sites, spiritual retreats, conferences for ecclesiastical movements, and tourist groups.

It offers various services, including full board, semi-self-management, and self-management for large groups.

Located in a naturalistic area, the facility provides trekking and mountain biking paths that lead to springs and surrounding villages of notable artistic and cultural interest.

Domus Ecclesiae – Nocera Umbra

Convento Padri Calermitani
– Nocera Umbra

Via San Rinaldo 8, Nocera Umbra (Perugia), Italy

+39 075 803 82 82


Located on the picturesque hill of Tiratolo, the Carmelite Fathers’ Convent in Nocera Umbra, also known as the Convent of San Paolo, has a rich history that spans various epochs.

Originally a Benedictine monastery until the 16th century, it later became the seat of the Capuchins in 1568, maintaining that vocation until its suppression in 1866. In 1893, the Carmelites took possession of the structure.

After the damage caused by the earthquake in 1997, the convent and the church underwent significant restoration and became fully accessible again in September 2001.

The complex offers 29 welcoming guest rooms immersed in a charming surrounding park, providing an ideal environment for a tranquil and reflective stay. The internal forest, with its seventeenth-century holm oaks, contributes to creating an atmosphere of serenity, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature.

The church, dedicated to Saint Paul the Apostle, houses a remarkable 17th-century painting depicting the Baptism of Saul by Ananias. The church interiors have undergone various transformations over the years, bearing witness to the history and cultural richness of the structure.

Assisi e Nocera

Here, in the heart of Italy, you can experience a profound spiritual journey and immerse yourself in the history and culture surrounding our beloved Assisi.

Our accommodations are strategically positioned to offer you a choice of unique settings. You can choose to stay in the heart of the historic center of Assisi, surrounded by the evocative atmosphere of ancient cobbled streets and sacred monuments. Alternatively, you can enjoy the tranquility of the surrounding countryside, immersing yourself in the natural beauty of our landscapes, such as those in Nocera Umbra.

From the historic center to the countryside

We invite you to explore other accommodation options available, all designed to provide you with a family-friendly environment and warm hospitality.

Contact us for more information; we will assist you in finding the best solution for your needs.

Vi invitiamo a scoprire altre opzioni di alloggio disponibili, tutte concepite per offrirvi un ambiente familiare e un’accoglienza calorosa.

Contattaci per ricevere maggiori informazioni, ti aiuteremo ad individuare la soluzione migliore per le tue esigenze.

Immersed in nature

Of the ‘experiential’ offering: from Franciscan spirituality to the specificity embodied by each managed facility, to the cultural, naturalistic, and gastronomic offerings of the territory, everything is aggregated and made accessible to the guest as a response to their needs.

The Simplicity of Hospitality

The simple and authentic hospitality in the accommodations is based on a combination of warmth, personalized service, respect for privacy, and attention to detail.

What you will find in our facilities:

  • Warmth and authenticity
  • Local knowledge at the service of visitors
  • Active listening and attention to feedback
  • Flexibility in customizing services
  • Discretion and respect for privacy
  • Cleanliness and attention to detail
  • Foreign language welcome

The Economy of Francesco

The Diocese of Assisi – Nocera Umbra – Gualdo Tadino is undertaking a path in this direction and intends to continue it, involving the heritage it has inherited from the history of faith and charity of our people. This heritage should not remain sterile and confined exclusively to ecclesiastical interests but should be put at the service of all, offering opportunities for development in the region.

Pope Francis is emphasizing, especially through the Economy of Francesco initiative directly involving our Assisi Church, the need for a radical renewal of the economy. The goal is to ensure it is not a ‘economy that kills,’ but an inclusive economy where everyone is assured of the essentials, especially dignified work.

This should occur not in competition but with respect for all involved actors, collaborating synergistically with those pursuing economic activities inspired by the same ideals. These activities are characterized by balance, openness, inclusivity, dignity, respect, solidarity, and attention to ecology.



Beauty and Harmony in the Encounter of Illuminated Spirituality, Conscious Custodianship, and Mastery in Work.

The Elpìs Foundation, in addition to safeguarding and enhancing the heritage entrusted to it, aims to be a ‘living’ testimony of ethics and Christian values, part of the so-called Economy of Francesco, by weaving beneficial/virtuous relationships with guests, collaborators, suppliers, institutions, and the entire community.

The FOUNDATION intends to base its mission on solid foundations, represented by legality, compliance with regulations, and ethics.

The Foundation aims to create opportunities for dignified work and provide possibilities for social, economic, and occupational growth and development for the region by enhancing and leveraging Diocesan assets.

To achieve its goals, the Foundation aims to manage tourism initiatives in line with its objectives, such as vacation homes, youth hostels, accommodations, along with catering activities, both in hotels and non-hotels, and complementary activities. It can also provide services for the promotion and improved use of museums, archaeological and monumental areas, libraries, and historical archives.

Each structure, every decision, action, and individual adheres to the laws and values embraced by the Foundation.


Elpìs Foundation


Sede Legale: Via Arnaldo Fortini, 7
Assisi (PG) 06081

(+39) 075 803 82 82


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